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How to stay warm while horse riding in winter?

While winter horseback riding may sound challenging, coming to stables prepared will guaranteed you a good time on the snowy trails!

Along with its challenges, winter also provides the quitter environment to strengthen the bond with your horse. While riding, cool breeze has more impact on you and your horse. But these challenges are not unbeatable. By taking basic precautionary measures and staying warm, you can surmount all hurdles to horse riding in winter.

Here are our essential tips for winter riding fun with your horse.

Tips to stay warm while horse riding

Keep Body Extremities Warm

Body extremities have low blood supply in cold environment so; it is necessary to keep the head, ears and hands warm.

Head is the first thing to keep warm. It should be kept in mind that most of the body heat lost via head and it is unsafe to ride horse with uncovered head.  Side with helmet, fleece scarf can be used to cover ears. Scarf can also be used to cover your mouth and chin. Some equestrian companies have also designed special helmets with ear coverings.

Grab thin leather-made or fleece gloves to keep your hands warm and working.

Wear Warm and Breathable Apparel

What to wear for horse riding in winter? Wear warm and breathable apparels according to the weather. To wear in layers is recommended for horse riding in winter. Layer which is close to the body should be loose (not very loose) and made up of breathable cloth. As riding a horse is not less than workout, breathable cloth helps to keep you dry while sweating.

A tight PVP inner layer makes the body wet by retaining sweat which fortify the chilling effect consequently.

Tip: Check the weather forecast.



Outermost layer is important and there are great many options for that.  It may be a vest, Fleece upper or turtle neck jacket. Choice all depends on the weather. In mild weather a light sleeveless upper can be used. While for very cold winter a vest or jacket with extra insulation covering is a better. Our Heated Vest is an innovative option to keep you warm during horse riding.

It should be considered that the jacket is not long enough to be tucked into saddle.

Wear Winter breeches

It is also necessary to keep your lower body warm. Nothing to worry, here the winter breeches come in. Special breeches are designed with an extra inward covering of fleece for winter riding. More than one layer can be worn on legs but it can make you bulky, which makes the winter breeches a better option.

Riding Boots are Must

One last thing which plays pivotal part to keep you warm in cold riding is wintertime riding boots. Winter riding boots are larger than usual boots comparatively and keep your foot warm while riding in harsh cold environment. Use of long and sweat wicking socks is advisable. Winter riding boots usually have wider soles, so the size of iron stirrups should be considered before buying boots.

Don’t Forget About Your Horse

Your horse does not need a jacket or wool scarf before stepping into frozen trail. All it needs is a warm bit, dry tack and canter slowly.

Warm the bits using your hands or lukewarm water before using them. Horse tack could be wet and chilled if placed in open air. So, it should be placed indoor and dried before using for horse. Horse performs well on powdery snow as compare to solid ice. However, it should be kept in mind that horse can’t run fast without sweating, which produces chill effect. It is better to have light exercise (canter or trot) for your horse and choose your trail wisely.